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Africa Is Our Passion
Healthcare Is Our Purpose

Our Core Purpose

To make it possible for every one, rich or poor, to get Access to Affordable medical care close to their homes.


Yako was created to be a New Normal in healthcare delivery

We are powered by our Enthusiasm (the God within us) and
Our commitment to improve the human condition.
We are disproportionately blessed and accept our gifts as a responsibility to serve.

Though we appreciate the incredible possibilities of technology, we also recognize its limitations, We confirm that only through honorable human intervention can we fulfil our divine purpose

Our strength lies in the consistent delivery of top financial results and sustainable
business models,
We empower the best doctors and healthcare providers to save as many lives as

We know our markets better than anybody else and
We have absolute faith in the capabilities, ethics and integrity of the people in our markets,
Because we are them.

Our intellect is humbled by the wisdom of learning through experimentation
Rather than accepting academic positions of certainty.

We are a home for the “crazies” and the “misfits”,
Those amongst us with an inner fire to create a new tomorrow
But have yet to find the right home for their mission

We understand that only a great idea lives forever,
So we remain in an eternal quest to find and preserve the best ideas.

News And Updates

Yako Medical: Coming Soon