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In memory of Mr. Peter Morcho (Nei Akumneg), of Mbu Village, NW Cameroon. He died from prostate cancer on 11 April 2004. A community leader who believed in family, education, entrepreneurship and excellence.

Investors and Advisors

BECC Africa, LLC

A US-based investment group with a focus on Healthcare,
Power, Transportation and Manufacturing Solutions across emerging markets – Africa and South East Asia.
Led by former senior executives from GE Capital.

InVivo Partners, Ltd

An early-stage investment and advisory firm with focus on healthcare,
consumer goods, retail, power solutions and technology solutions. Based
in Lagos, Nigeria with a Sub-Sahara Africa focus.


A critical aspect of our success lies in our ability to leverage partnerships to create Integrated Care Ecosystems (ICE) with a focus on Excellent Patient Experience. At Yako we study successful models across the world, and then we COPY, PASTE & ADAPT to our local markets.

Yako has signed partnership agreements with the following companies:

  • A Leading operator of advanced diagnostic centers and oncology treatment centers in Europe
  • A fast-growing provider of remote diagnostic cardiology services from India
  • A fast-growing provider of cloud-based solutions to develop and manage networks of SMART clinics at the Primary Care level from India
  • A fast-growing US healthcare IT company with a focus on diagnostics and workflow optimization solutions for companies in emerging markets
  • Leading suppliers of medical equipment and technology solutions for advanced diagnostics and specialty care.

News And Updates

Yako Medical: Coming Soon